Compression belt for a post-operative bra

Pas uciskowy do gorsetu pooperacyjnego Pas uciskowy do gorsetu pooperacyjnego
To be worn with a post-op bra
  • Keeps the operated breast in place and prevents dislocation of implants
  • Anatomically formed, made of a stretch, strong fabric, provides an individual fit and compression to the upper parts of the breast
  • Prevents pressure marks and skin irritation due to use of skin-friendly fabrics and adjustment of Velcro-type fastener at the front
  • Promotes the healing process by relieving the lymph drainage channels
  • After breast implant surgeries
Under breast circumference for particular belts sizes
  • S - 70/75 cm
  • M - 75/80 cm
  • L - 80/85 cm
  • XL – 85/90 cm