Breast prostheses MAXIMA Standard Round Asymmetric Triangular Heart

Breast prostheses MAXIMA

breast prosthesis MAXIMA

We are pleased to show you the Maxima range: a large choice of mammary prostheses and accessories designed to bring you elegance and comfort at all times.

Maxima breast prostheses are made of silicone gel put, into a polyurethane pocket and suit any kind of skin.

Taking care: the prostheses should be washed in lukewarm water with a mild soap. Maxima prostheses are guaranted covering any defect due to manufacturing.

breast prosthesis MAXIMA Standard 4001 Standard

Symetrical tear drop shaped breast...

breast prosthesis MAXIMA Asymmetric 1 6003 Asymmetric 1

Asymmetrical shaped breast prosthesis suiting any kind of breast...

breast prosthesis MAXIMA Asymmetric 2 7004 Asymmetric 2

Asymmetrical shaped breast prosthesis. The extensions of this model, oriented under the arm and at the top...

breast prosthesis MAXIMA Triangular 8005 Triangular

Symetrical triangular shaped breast prosthesis...

breast prosthesis MAXIMA Heart 8005 Heart

Symmetrical heart shaped breast prosthesis....

Available prostheses in the following types:

S - Soft | U - Ultra fine Shell | L - Light | N - Natural