Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it important to have a breast prosthesis?

Breast prostheses are designed to replace missing breast tissue following a mastectomy , partial mastectomy or lumpectomy. Correct size, shape and weight of the breast forms allows to restore a body’s natural balance and symmetry. It prevents a woman from a neck pain, back pain and shoulder drop.

Q: What types of of breast prostheses are available?

Today, there are several types of breast prostheses on the market. The most popular type is the silicone breast prosthesis because silicone imitates the natural texture and movement of natural breast. Silicone prostheses are available in different sizes, weight and shapes.

Q: How do I clean my breast prosthesis?

Cleaning Breast Forms:

Q: How do I care for my breast prosthesis?

Each breast prosthesis is supplied with a special box. Please keep the box and use for storage your breast form.

Try not to use powder, lotions and perfume near your breast form. Be careful, not to puncture or tear it with sharp objects.

Q: Is the silicone in a breast prosthesis safe for me?

Yes. This is a special type of silicone close in polyurethane pocket. The breast prosthesis should be worn in special bras so it will not irritate a skin. If a breast prosthesis is punctured the silicone can not be absorbed through the skin.

Q: What is covered by medicare?

TA lot of countries all over the world covers the cost of mastectomy products. Please ask your doctor, your insurance company or the nearest medical shop about the details.