About us

Pofam Group is one of the leading medical company on the Polish market.

Our company is engaged in the production and distribution of high quality medical devices.

We have almost 10 years experience as a manufacturer of high quality external breast prosthesis Maxima for women after mastectomy which we supply customers in Poland and export around the globe.

Pofam Group has focused on supporting women worldwide since 2009 offering also high quality accessories for women after mastectomy such medical bras, special swimwear for active women, compressive sleeves for rehabilitation, compression bustier.

Our aim is to provide our customers high quality, competitive products that make their everyday life easier and improve their standard of living.


We aim to meet all the needs of our patients


Pofam Group was founded in 1992.

At the beginning the company was dealing with insertion and intake equipment, laboratory equipment for medical, agriculture and food industry, equipment for sanitary and epidemiological purposes, water and environment testing.

The offer was very soon extended and the new products such as medical aids, orthopedic equipment and the equipment for different institutions and work stands were introduced.

The company is operating in the following fields: